Biography ~ John Sadler

John and his wife, Pam, have been active members of VVTG for a few years now. He was on stage in Anything goes and Mesquite on Broadway and worked back stage for Zombies from the Beyond. John sings with the Sun City Sounds and has performed in several Mesquite-Toes Christmas shows and Spring Spectaculars. He loves to […]

Biography ~ Kimberly Gilbert

Kimberly moved to Mesquite in 2015 for a position as a Psychiatric Caseworker. She has had acting experience in college and church productions but this is her first time on the VVTG stage. Kim has attended several of our productions and says she loves being part of a positive, fun community experience and was inspired […]

Biography ~ Nanette Greener

Nanette just moved here this summer and has quickly gotten involved with the performing arts community joining the Mesquite Toes and performing in the Mesquite on Broadway fundraiser. A trained opera singer, Nanette will be performing with the Las Vegas Opera Company this season. In addition to her performances she also teaches voice and piano. […]

Biography ~ Mike Schultz

Mike and his wife, Susan, have been in Mesquite for 5 years. Mike is not new to performing since he’s a member of the Sun City Sounds and the Mesquite Feet and has been in the Mesquite Toes Christmas Shows and Spring Spectaculars. He’s been on the VVTG stage twice before in Anything Goes and Nana’s […]

Biography ~ Ted Ung

Ted has a long history with the Mesquite Community Theater and the VVTG both as a director and a performer.  Ted directed Death Trap in 2013. He has been on stage in Those Crazy Ladies in The House on The Corner, Anything Goes and  3 Murders and it’s only Monday and Zombies from the beyond. […]

Biography: Jessica Callan

Jessica has been a huge asset to the VVTG for many years behind the scenes. She’s done everything from Season ticket sales and concession sales to a gofer during the performances. Having done multiple performances in high school, this is her first time on the Mesquite stage and is looking forward to her fun role […]

Biography: Shannon Hall

After living for years in MT, AK, OR, and CA Shannon traded in her galoshes and moved to Mesquite. She and her husband, Jonathan, share 7 grandchildren and have 5 generations living in Mesquite. While in school Shannon was involved in giving speeches, dance, music and naturally theater. This Shannon’s first production with the VVTG […]

Biography: Miriam Samuels

During her twelve years with the Mesquite Toes, Miriam not only danced but also taught and was an assistant director. Her involvement with VVTG includes the production of Anything Goes as well as the special presentation of Fly Willie in which Miriam played six roles. The Virgin Valley Theatre Group is very happy to have […]

Biography ~ Joan Pelliccio

Joan received her degree from Mercy College in Yorktown Height s NY majoring in Business Administration.  She worked for Pepsi Cola company for 34 year in a variety of position most recently as Director of local media.  Joan was first exposed to acting at her home town high school, DePaul in Wayne, NJ. where she […]

Biography ~ Gary Williams

Gary and his wife, Ann, moved to Mesquite in 2008. He made his stage debut as Moonface Martin, in the musical Anything Goes. He has since appeared in Nana’s Naughty Knickers, Zombies from the Beyond and Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Gary also performs in skits for the Mesquite Toes and sings with several choirs. When […]