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Murdered to Death

A hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie’s English murder mysteries


Auditions: Mon. 8/28 and Tues. 8/29 @ 7:00pm

Rehearsals Begin: Tues. 9/5

Show Opens: 10/13

Roles Available for 5 men, 5 women



Mildred: Lady of the manor

Dorothy: Her helpful niece

Bunting: A doddering, drunken butler with attitude

Colonel Charles Craddock: A pompous English aristocrat

Margaret Craddock: The Colonel’s long suffering wife

Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington: A wealthy, sexy socialite

Pierre Marceau: A French painter

Joan Maple: (A Mrs. Marple Type) busybody neighbor who solves crimes

Constable Thompkins: a smart, sensible policeman

Inspector Pratt: (An Inspector Clouseau type) a bumbling, arrogant idiot

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